November Night – Goethe’s Faust

Auerbach Cellar

They followed the others into the smoky, disreputable cafe. Gloomy, who had already ordered champagne, dropped lazily down on a sofa. Lauscher was chalking his billiard cue. The stranger picked up another. He played brilliantly.

November Night, Hermann Hesse

Now, first of all, ’tis necessary

To show you people making merry,
That you may see how lightly life can run.
Each day to this small folk’s a feast of fun;
Not over-witty, self-contented,
Still round and round in circle-dance they whirl,
As with their tails young kittens twirl.
If with no headache they’re tormented,
Nor dunned by landlord for his pay,
They’re careless, unconcerned, and gay.

Faust: A Tragedy, Goethe

Auerbach’s Cellar, Graphic weekly (1875)


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