Peter Camenzind – Quant’ è bella giovinezza

I was no longer a youth and I thought how quickly the years would flash by and I should be a grey, bent little man and lie down to a bitter death. In the shabby, almost unchanged little room where I had once learned Latin and had witnessed my mother’s death, these thoughts had a soothing naturalness about them. With gratitude I recalled all the rich experiences of my youth, and the poem I had learned in Florence, by Lorezo de Medici, came into my mind…

Peter Camenzind, Hermann Hesse

What beauty lies in youth
yet ever so fleeting!
Let him who wants to, be happy
for there is no certainty in tomorrow.

Quant’ è bella giovinezza, Lorenzo de Medici (translation taken from

[Video: Coro Polifonico Provincial de Santa Fe, concierto en el Centro Cultural Casa España ATE.
Director: Sergio Siminovich 14/05/08]


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