Peter Camenzind – Piktor

PiktorBut it was obvious to me every day now as I washed my face with its prominent nose and melancholy mouth, which smiled back at me from the rusty metal dish, that this was not really so and that I had used up a fair portion of my years. Camenzind senior also saw to it that I should not cherish any illusions about the way times had changed, and if I wanted to be jerked back completely into the present, all I needed to do was to open the tightly-jammed table drawer in my room in which my magnum opus, consisting of a packed of faded sketches and six or seven quarto sheets of rough drafts, lay dormant. But I hardly ever opened the drawer.

Peter Camenzind, Hermann Hesse

Image from Piktor’s Verwandlungen, Hermann Hesse (linked to source)


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