Demian – The Confessions of Saint Augustine

“For I even burnt in my youth heretofore, to be satiated in things below; and I dared to grow wild again, with these various and shadowy loves: my beauty consumed away, and I stank in Thine eyes; pleasing myself, and desirous to please in the eyes of men.

“And what was it that I delighted in, but to love, and be loved?”

The Confessions of Saint Augustine, trans. E.B. Pusey

“In any case, a drunkard’s or sensualist’s life is presumably more lively than a blameless middle-class life at least. Also — I read somewhere — the life of a sensualist is one of the best preparations there is for mystics. It’s always people like St. Augustine who turn into visionaries. He was a rake and a sensualist beforehand too.”

Demian, Hermann Hesse


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