Klein and Wagner

Suddenly a word of the song stabbed his heart, without his grasping what it was. It was repeated in the next verse; it was the name Teresina. The song, a partly comic one, dealt with a girl named Teresina. He made out:

La sua mamma alla finestra
Con una voce serpentina:
Vieni a casa, o Teresina,
Lasc’ andare quel traditor!

Teresina! How he loved her. How glorious it was to love.

-“Klein and Wagner,” Klingsor’s Last Summer, Hermann Hesse

Translation of above verse from liner notes to Italian Folk Songs (which refers to the girl as Marcellina):

Her mother from the window
With the serpent’s tongue:
“Come home, Marcellina,
“Don’t listen to that scoundrel!”

-“Marcellina up the Stairs,” Italian Folk Songs, Smithsonian Folkways (1965)

Source: Smithsonian Folkways


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