Steppenwolf – Adalbert Stifter


“Rather, it had been just one of those days which for a long while now had fallen to my lot; the moderately pleasant, the wholly bearable and tolerable, lukewarm days of a discontented middle-aged man; days without special pains, without special cares, without particular worry, without despair; days when I calmly wonder, objective and fearless, whether it isn’t time to follow the example of Adalbert Stifter and have an accident while shaving.”

Steppenwolf, Hermann Hesse

“Historic autopsy reports are a treasure-trove…According to many biographers, Adalbert Stifter took his own life with a cut-throat razor. But in fact Stifter was a heavy drinker and was in the terminal stage of a liver cirrhosis.”

-pathologist Hans Bankl quoted in English summary of “Suicides Are Spiteful,” Spiegel Online, September 10, 2001


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